Help Warfare

Help Warfare

Warfare is a feature added to Aardwolf in which players can fight each
other in wars.  These wars can be declared by an Immortal, other players,
or at random intervals, and take place in a self-contained area.  During a
war, no death penalties are incurred.  If you are slain, you are returned
to Aylor with no experience loss, no equipment loss, and your hit points
and mana are restored to full.  If you win, you gain a small spellup as a
The rules of warfare are simple; kill or be killed.  Grouping with any
level is allowed during a war.  Using healing potions/pills during combat
in the warzone is considered cheating, because victory would then depend on
who could afford the most healing items.  Eating such items between fights
within the warzone is allowed, however.

Wars can be based on
class, race, clan, or genocide (free-for-all).
Only PK-clanned players may join clan wars.  Other restrictions may be set
that prohibit some players from joining wars (notier, nosupernewbie, etc.),
but Ivar-called wars will not have these restrictions.

To join a preparing war, type '
combat' while the war is in preparation.
You can see the current state of a war in preparation or progress by
typing '
warstatus'.  While a war is actually running, you can monitor the
fighting and see peoples' health using '

When you join a war, it will cancel all spells on you, outside the ones that
can only be cast on yourself.

If you want to create a war of your own, see '
help startwar'.  If you are
not interested in warfare and want to stop war announcements, type 

The information shown on '
warinfo <player>' gives a table of all your 
campaigns of war; it shows the amount of each type of war you have taken 
part in, how many you won/lost, and how many other players you have killed
during warfare.  This can be toggled off with '

Enjoy your battle and have a nice fight!

Immortals: see imm-warfare.