Kobold Stench

 Kobold Stench (Sn: 10) (Spell)

Help Kobold Stench

Syntax: kobold <victim>
Damage: disease

Fermented from the scent glands of a male kobold, this black, ichorous
poison causes nausea and slight damage to anyone unfortunate enough to get
in its way.  Especially lucky thieves may hit a foe dead in the face,
leaving the victim in pain and physically weakened from the attack.  A
continued assault from this poison will continue to damage and weaken the

Skill available only to the Primary Class Thief.

Primary stat: Dexterity.
Affected by : Luck.

Categories: Skill, Poison, Combat, Bad
Classes: Thief

Message when you get stenched :

The stench is incredible, you feel faint and weak!

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