Polices Part 7: Botting

Help Policies7

[ See 'help stacked commands' for important information on the  ]
[ stacked command form of botting and 'help enchantbot' for    ]
[ information specific to item enchanting.                      ]

You are expected to be at-the-keyboard and actively engaged (
* see below) 
with the game while playing Aardwolf. Any method which provides your 
character with gains, without meangingful interaction from you, is 
illegal. This is true even if you're at the keyboard and sitting in
another window as your character is busy, whether solo or part of a group
(leader or follower).

Being away-from-keyboard (afk) in a room which contains an aggressive mob,
with or without triggers to keep you alive or attack, is still gaining
experience without interaction and therefore considered illegal.  If you
need to go afk and the room loads an aggressive mob, leave the room (or
better yet, the area completely).  Accidents may happen, but if you're
prone to suddenly going afk, you might want to venture in safer areas.

Most instances of botting are more complex- scripts which can find and
automatically kill mobs, complete quests, or the like.  This is also true
for sets of stacked commands that clear large parts of an area (see 'help 
stacked commands' for more information). These are the most common 
scenarios for 'botting'.  However, here are some other examples.

* Automatically 'get <item/gold>'/'kill <enemy>' on area repop.
* Kill monster, automatically find next monster on death & attack.
  There is *no* legal scenario in which you have a trigger that kills
  a mob, no exceptions.
* Heal when HP drops to given percent/value and let aggressive mobs attack.
* Buy item, use enchant spells, identify, keep/sell good items, drop bad.
* Create or enchant items repeatedly for high-stat rewards.
* Brewing or scribing spells via triggers.
* Read quest, gquest, and/or campaign information to automatically go to
  areas, find and kill mob, or quest complete (for quests).
* Automatically invite people into your/spouse's manor.
* Provide a method of remote control (door to groupie on gtell, cast a
  spellup spell, reunion to spouse, invite into manor on say, etc.).
* Autobidding on auction and market items.
* Automatically collecting daily blessings.
* Automatically walk your character to the next room with mobs; if the
  next room has an aggro in it, you become a bot.
* Automatically accepting group invites from other players (though it is
  considered legal to send invites via triggers).

If you are unsure of whether or not triggers you have made would be
considered botting, ask yourself, "If I suddenly had to leave the screen 
in an emergency, would the macros/triggers that I have running leave me 
gaining something and unable to respond?"  If the answer to that question 
is yes, you should turn them off. 

Another good guideline is the ability to respond to tells promptly.  If 
you have to disconnect and reconnect to the MUD or wait several minutes
for a series of triggers or macros to finish, or you would not respond to
a tell because you don't see it or are afk, it would be considered botting.

The view on practicing spellup skills/spells has changed and does not 
constitute botting to simply practice these to 100%.  However, the 
following rules must also be followed regarding this practice:

* You cannot be casting the spells on anyone but yourself.
* Do not spam a room or the MUD (via says, dying due to casting combat
  spells on self, or using a public non-silentspell room).
* This applies to
spellups, not improving skills via combat. Any form 
  of automated combat against another character is botting. If another 
  paragraph appears to conflict with this one, this one is the rule.
* You may not retain or profit from practicing item enchantment or
  creation spells (e.g., selling or using hallowed lights, spiritual armor,
  rehallowed lights, etc.) while afk.

Nobody has a problem with triggers that just help you play the game,
re-wield after a disarm, report your tracked stats, or the like.  These
will all stop once your current fight has stopped, and you will not gain
experience.  On the other hand, that simple trigger that keeps you
connected in your manor or heals you if your HP is below 25% may suddenly
do the same when you suddenly have to leave and are in a room full of
aggressive mobs, and now you are botting.

Full-fledged bots, however, are no accident.  It requires talent and work,
or at least a conscious effort to go download one someone else has made.
These full-fledged bots are not tolerated and will be removed on sight,
with no excuse- high-level characters or those that have contributed to
the game (monetarily or otherwise) do not get special treatment.

Remember, you can always send a tell to a visible immortal ('who imm') or
write a note to imm on Personal forum if you have any questions.

* Actively engaged means you are actually playing Aardwolf. If your 
client is moving you around / queueing up mobs to kill and beeping so you 
press a function key from time to time while you are doing something else, 
you are not engaged with the game even if this technically sticks to the 
other rules. If an imm *repeatedly* moves you, changes the exits in your 
room, repops mobs that shouldn't be there, puts 20 instances of the same 
mob in the room, loads million hp mobs that you ignore or keep fighting 
and you don't notice any of this, you are not engaged with the game. This 
doesn't mean you're going to get nuked if you turn around to talk to your 
friend for 30 seconds ... we know the difference between someone who
stacked one room of mobs and went to get a coffee (legal) and someone who
is essentially botting.