Rathien started playing Aardwolf in October 2004 after finding the game on Top Mud Sites. She has been quest sitting most of the time to collect quest points for wishes and goodies. In April 2005, Rathien joined the Newbie Helpers team. She enjoyed helping newbies learn the game and learned a lot herself by helping others. In December 2005, Rathien became a member of The Creation of Tao. She has been in the clan since then, and deeply believes that Tao has the coolest punching bag mob on Aardwolf.

In real life, Rathien is a software engineer from California the sunny state. Her boyfriend dislikes computer games, so he would never play Aardwolf with her.

--------------------------[ Rathien's Description ]----------------------
My Life on Aard:
10/16/2004: created Mage ----------- Born a fresh n00b, I was not an alt.
02/25/2005: bought a Manor --------- I learned to invest in real estate.
04/20/2005: became a [Helper] ------ Then I needed a job to make payments
05/25/2005: married Gastro <3 ------ And a spouse who massaged my feet.
09/25/2005: remorted Thief --------- I was still a n00b back then.
12/26/2005: joined \}Tao{/ --------- One day I found my religion.
01/08/2006: promoted to Believer --- I had to see it for myself.
02/08/2006: promoted to Follower --- When I latch on I don't let go.
04/23/2006: remorted Cleric -------- I'm still a n00b, but in denial.

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