History 06

8th Jan 1999 Catchtells added and AFK reverted back to true AFK. 'Tpspend name' added. 'Run' will abort after 3 consecutive failed movements.

22nd Jan 1999 Clan spying code added after a mud wide vote. OLC editor commands merged into note editor. Whisper becomes an imm.

6th Feb 1999 Lasertag installed!! See 'HELP LASERTAG'. Early test version only. Still many mods to be made. 'Gsay' command added. Donation rooms rewritten. 'Nopretitle' toggle added.

26th Feb 1999 gdonate command added. Gquest range selection redone. Many lasertag bugfixes/enhancements made.

7th Mar 1999 rlist, olist and mlist added for clan leaders. Lasertag starting automated. Medal wear position added.

15th Mar 1999 'Tiers' system added - massively extends the longevity of the game for 7* remorts. Leonassans area (Stonekeep) added to the mud.

22nd Mar 1999 Additional tier bonuses added. Automate warfare ranges redone. Lantenons area added to the mud. Extra (purposely undocumented) damage messages added after 'Unspeakable'.

10th Apr 1999 The Dragerian Empire added. (Gamble). Lstat command added.

17th Apr 1999 Rank 11, 12, 13 and 14 added.

24th Apr 1999 Pcheck command added. Most development moved to Jarred!

7th May 1999 Gilda and the Dragon area added. (Citron).

21st May 1999 Weapon type changing store added. Barney & co return to Aardwolf. Offline promotion/demotion for clan leaders.

6th Jun 1999 Land/Fly commands added. Object flag removal store added in Midgaard. 'Noweather' command added. Handling of resistances and immunities redone.

20th Jun 1999 5 New clans created: Great Circle of Druids, Disciples of Hassan, Soul Pyre, Amazon and Tanelorn. 'From' command added. Experience level added to creation. Combat maze now available to both clans and manor owners.

1st Jul 1999 Channel split removed. Tiered players added to Immtalk.

23rd Jul 1999 'Shelp' command added. Lifechant and Brotherhood added. Casting by numbers implements. Black Rose area added. (Sylvain).

21st Aug 1999 Mudservices acquired by Fast.net - what does this mean to us? Time will tell. Aardwolf bags now grow with the user. Added autonosummon and nobanned commands. Lasertag now gives prizes. Money formatting added.

4th Sep 1999 The Darklight area added (Randprin).

20th Sep 1999 Channel history added for gossip, noble, barter, tech, curse, newbie and q/a. 'Gulp' command added.

25th Sep 1999 Domains command added. Think command added.

9th Oct 1999 Craft and Balance clan skills added. Random command added. Nuke command added for imms.

20th Oct 1999 Aardwolf upgraded to 256mb RAM and PIII 450 cpu thanks to player donations. 30th Oct 1999: All gold values mudwide / 10. Aardwolf hyper-inflation problem solved! First person to hit tier 2. (Fufa of course)

6th Nov 1999 DSR area added (Philondra). Many of the muds globalsettings increased (max friends, channel hist size etc).

28th Nov 1999 Remote socials added. 'Group all' option added. Dragon mountain area added (Sonrokito). Dark elf stronghold area added (Cirion).

29th Nov 1999 Rsocial toggle added. Online social editing finally ported for Aardwolf (Erwins code).

25th Dec 1999 Socials added to channels: ftalk, clantalk and immtalks. Santa came and handed out gifts (original huh?). Ask and use verbs added.

1st Jan 2000 The world ended. Hope you enjoyed it.

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