History 05

31st Jan 1998 Many new spells added for psi/mage/cleric- Mind freeze, Nerve shock, Neural burn, Trauma, Psychosis, Spasm, Nightmare touch, Neural overload, Desolation, Flaming sphere, Talon, Force bolt, Shard of ice, Scorch, Nova, Miasma of pain, Immolate, Soulburn Holy Rain, Spirit bolt, Torment, Fire blast, Blight, Angelfire, Extinguish, Engulf, Caustic rain, Spritual Disruption, Voice of god.

7th Feb 1998 Some new prompt options added, ~%p, ~%P

14th Feb 1998 New ranger spells: Earth maw, Wind Blast, Ground Strike, Whirwind, Solar flare, Hydroblast, Cyclone, Earth shroud, Tornado, Ice bolt, Forestfire, Tempest, Eruption. Zane and Dahrs Falcovnia area added.'NOEXP' toggle command added.

23rd Feb 1998 New paladin spells: Holy Fury, Glare, Soul Rip, Condemn, Infernal Voice, Scourge, Pillar of fire, Repentance, Spirit Strike, Damnation, Winds of Reckoning, Abomination, Purgatory, Apocalypse.

1st Mar 1998 Whisper command added. Class channel are independent of each other.

8th Mar 1998 Level 4 and below gossip moved to newbie. [Note] flag added.

14th Mar 1998 Crimson, Daoine, Retribution and Vanir clans added. 'Keep' flag added. 'Tpspend' command/store added.

21st Mar 1998 Coral Kingdom area added (Valkur). Cthos Mishrak area added (Rys). 'Atone' and 'Deceive' added. Configurable game info added.

28th Mar 1998 Automated remort auction for quest items. Automated corpse retrieval service. Ranger/Paladin mobs created. Flame blade/sword of righteousness/forging rewritten. ST:TNG Borg invasion added (Maerchyng).

4th Apr 1998 Reman conspiracy (Rekhart) added. New format score added. Race channels ('Racetalk') added. 'Auction set'. Retribution clan skill 'transmute'.

11th Apr 1998 Directional scan/survey. Note reply. Imperium clan skill 'dragonlance'. 'Mwhere' for clan leaders.

18th Apr 1998 Aardwolf lottery added. (See 'help lottery'). Dune area installed. (Darlatan). Shadar Logoth area installed. (Kalince). Custom 'info' messages added for clans.

25th Apr 1998 Daoine clan skill 'Delerium' added. Rok's hero area added. Giant Peaceful Village area added. (Saibot).

2nd May 1998 Goldrush area added. (Aelfwyne).

9th May 1998 Pretitle added. Stat given to clan leaders. Miracle and recon added. Shops selling out of hours.

16th May 1998 Vitality, Translocate and Knock added. Clan flags added to all clan objects.

23rd May 1998 Conceal, disrupt and area sanctuary added.

30th May 1998 'Note from' option. Rejuvenate, resonate and create poultice added.

6th Jun 1998 'Consent' command added. 'Dice' command added.

20th Jun 1998 Several options added to 'tpspend'.

6th Jul 1998 Clan rosters added. (see 'roster' command). Shop identification numbers added. 'who noclan' and 'who leaders'. 'Note subject' added. Global quests include prizes for all who kill at least one target.

18th Jul 1998 Last site and last time on shown at login.

25th Jul 1998 'Roster 10' added. Warfare handling rewritten. Serial numbers added to quest items for easier equip tracking and recovery.

1st Aug 1998 Many performance rewrites now in place. CPU usage almost halved. RAM upgrades all done, plenty of room for new areas now :). Board subscribing added. 'Ignore' added. Deadlights area add (Tai).

9th Aug 1998 Offline outcasting added. 'Swho' giving many sort options. 'Info' command rewritten to incorporate Aardwolf toggles. New policy on raider corpses, see 'help clancr'.

15th Aug 1998 'swho 9' added. Exotic now a skill. Superhero and helper rosters added. Amador/Fortress of light area added. (Raymn).

31st Aug 1998 'visto' command added. 'Battlecry' command added.

5th Sep 1998 Empire of Talsa added (Ragnar). Combat maze private rooms added. (Claire).

12th Sep 1998 'Groupspam' command added.

25th Sep 1998 'Graffiti' added (Help graffiti). Aardwolf bracers and halberd added. 'Pcharge' added for imms. Clist shows active members.

1st Oct 1998 'Gtrivia' given to players to transfer tp among themselves. Automated ownership changes added. 'Evict' added. Area locks removed for remorts.

16th Oct 1998 Automated marriage added. 'Invtells' command added.

23rd Oct 1998 Automated remort added. 'Saffects' added. Gametalk channel added.

7th Nov 1998 'Nohelp' added. The history of Black Adder area added (Tassica). 'Note to' added.

20th Nov 1998 Rankings system added - see 'help rankings'. Friends system added - see 'help friends'.

4th Dec 1998 The great salt flats area added. (Claire). Prompt flag command added. WWW in claninfo.

7th Dec 1998 Second birthday celebrations. 534 people online.

19th Dec 1998 The Covenant of Mistridge area added. (Kate). Battle prompt command added. Divorce/marriage rewritten. Trivia point tokens added. Recreate command added.

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