History 07

2nd Jan 2000 It seems the world didn't end after all, hope you enjoyed it anyways.

7th Jan 2000 Emotes over channels added. Socials/emotes added to spouse and group channels.

8th Jan 2000 Arlinn and Belmont become Immortals of Aardwolf.

20th Jan 2000 The Onslaught of Chaos area added. (Jernau)

2nd Feb 2000 Vnums doubled to 65535. Ability to remove items by wear slot added. New (5000 vnum) manor area added. JAIL flag reworked.

3rd Mar 2000 Reown and gtrivia for players removed.

5th Mar 2000 Euphonix and Citron become immortals.

24th Mar 2000 Players can now add their own pretitles. Storm Mountain area added. (Moonbender)

27th May 2000 Into the long night area added. (Jubilee)(Wow, has it really been that long since we did a reboot? Buying a house will do that to ya :)

7th Jul 2000 Faerie tales area added. (Citron). Players can now change sex at Ravi.

5th Aug 2000 The Old Cathedral area added. (Kormregort).

19th Aug 2000 Quest nohunger option added. Manor owners can now turn doorbells off. Earthplane 4 area Added. (Crazybabe)

25th Aug 2000 Socials added to newbie and gossip. Room based gquests added.

11th Sep 2000 Work started on Aardwolf v2

22nd Sep 2000 Millionth mob killer will get a nice bonus. The Council of the Wyrm added. (Vilgan / Leaf)

14th Oct 2000 Mage class completed in V2. Psi half done. Sanctity of Eternal Damnation area added. (Tagyerd/Bremen)

25th Nov 2000 Deathtrap dungeon area added. (Chade)

30th Nov 2000 Psionicist class completed in v2.

24th Dec 2000 Sea King's Dominion area added (Citron).

5th Jan 2001 New clans added: Romani, Masaki, Dominion and Rhabdo Rana.

14th Jan 2001 Maerchyng becomes a level 210 implementor to help deal with player relations and setting policies.

28th Jan 2001 Increased friend slots to 40. Mudinfo board added.

16th Mar 2001 New area added: Cataclysm, built by Baktosh. Updated version of The Desert Prison loaded (Cinderz). Levelling gains for Tiers with extremely high stats fixed. New clan leader command 'exlist' added, displaying manor exits to their clan hall. New 'claninfo' option added to display the clan's event messages.

28th Mar 2001 Terrill and Wolfe become Immortals of Aardwolf.

1st Apr 2001 Valkur's new webpage is made available.

8th Apr 2001 The Ruins of Diamond Reach added. (Vanguard)

              [ -- Started Serious Aardwolf Development Again -- ]

5th May 2001 The fabled city of stone area added. (Jeet and Trippitaka). 'NOPEEK' command added. 'OUTPUT' bandwidth tracking command added.

6th May 2001 Prompts redone, see 'HELP NEWPROMPT'. X/exp, gold, align and room commands added.

13th May 2001 MCCP compression added to Aardwolf. First version of 'damdisp' code added.

15th May 2001 'DAMAGE' command added. Damage type 2 added.

17th May 2001 'COMPRESS' command added to show bandwidth usage and savings.

19th May 2001 'P' command added. Inotes now purge after 1 year. 'TICKINFO' status added.

26th May 2001 Pfile structure split with skills saved in separate files only when they change. Test for future 'Room expl%' code. Prompt and Bprompt separated. The Dungeon of Doomarea added. (Valkur).

1st Jun 2001 EXPLORED added with stats fully saving. Rank 15 added to show top explorers of Aardwolf. Players now have the ability to FREEZE themselves. Clan channel history added.

22nd Jun 2001 Death gate cycle area added (Sonrokito/Kallendbor). Tier messages added.

29th Jun 2001 The courts of chaos area added (Ryoko). Brief rewrite added.

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