History 04

5th Jul 1997 Personal manors installed. Type 'help manor'. Avatar of war visits Aardwolf.

11th Jul 1997 Automated Superhero implemented. ID mob. Corrupt and Spirit form clan skills. Midgaard estates and Wizard of Oz area added. (Straw)

18th Jul 1997 Bonding mob added in Midgaard.

25th Jul 1997 Sanctify - Light clan skill added. DragonGate - Dragon clan skill added. 'Email' command added. 'Finger' command added. Identd/multiport. 'Rlist' added into olc. Weapon flag mob added.

1st Aug 1997 Weight setting mob added in Midgaard.

8th Aug 1997 Multi-Auction system implemented. 'Clantrans' command added.

15th Aug 1997 Barter channel added.

22nd Aug 1997 Aardwolf's new help system implemented. Amazon nation area added. (Philondra). Rewrite of Old Thalos by Chameleon/Claire added.

29th Aug 1997 Gamestat 5 (mudstats) and gamestat 6/7 added. AFKMSG command added (help afkmsg). Mob-factory 97 installed. (Chameleon)

6th Sep 1997 Study command added. (Help study). Online command added. (Help online).

13th Sep 1997 Bard, Crusader, Xunti and Imperium clans created. Global socials added.

20th Sep 1997 Land of the Beer goblins area added. (Artemis) 'Gemote' command added. 'Wset' for weapon damtypes added. No longer need imm to remove outcast.

27th Sep 1997 RUN command added. PAGE/ALLOWBEEP added. Extra measures taken for clan security.

4th Oct 1997 Desert Prison area added. (Ragnar).

11th Oct 1997 Corpse saving added. See 'HELP CORPSES'.

18th Oct 1997 Clan PK system rewritten, see 'HELP PK'. Bounty code added - 'HELP BOUNTY'. Rewritten 9 hells area for max level.

25th Oct 1997 Imperial city of Reme added (Zaister). Underwater breathing added along with possibility to drown.

1st Nov 1997 'Mobkills' command added.

7th Nov 1997 'Areakills' and 'Areadeaths' commands added. Shayol Ghul area installed (Venger).

14th Nov 1997 Objects affects increasing/decreasing skills added. New 'Say' command added. Stardock area added (Moiraine).

21st Nov 1997 Who2 and Who3 added. Dictionary of 'illegal names' now online. New skills/spells: Trophy, spy, grey aura, illuminate, scout, purify, survey, aim, wayfind, chaos portal, solidify and plaguebane.

28th Nov 1997 Valkur's rewritten graveyard area added.

6th Dec 1997 'Learned' command added.

13th Dec 1997 'Nostatus' toggle added. 'Allspells' command added. When someone levels, mud will show new skills/spells. 'Resurrect' skill is in (Crusaders). 'Insight' skill is in (Watchmen).

20th Dec 1997 Plague will show in 'scan'. Worldheal imm commands removes all plague from realm. Ltalk channel added. Full color customization is in - not only channels but also room names, mob names, etc..

27th Dec 1997 BattleSpam command added. Warsit command added. Colour configuration for attacks and several more channels. Smote channel added.

29th Dec 1997 8 new races: Triton, Vampire, Eldar, Ratling, Lizard, Shadow, Diva, Wolfen.

1st Jan 1998 Global quest system installed. See 'help global quests'.

10th Jan 1998 Enchanted tell/replay/afk system added. See 'help savetells'. Gquest history added.

17th Jan 1998 Automated gquests.

24th Jan 1998 - Nothing of note happened :) -

Continued in history5 ...

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