History 03

22nd Mar 1997 Butcher skill is added. 'Skills' and 'spells' commands rewritten. The clans Light, Baal, Hook and Dragon are born.

29th Mar 1997 Fido-Express courier service is added.

4th Apr 1997 Vortex skill implemented for Emerald. [HELPER] flag added. Combat maze added. Quest counters added to pfiles/whois.

12th Apr 1997 Warfare automated. Newbie and helper channels. spec_psionicist added. Pepe and Ragnar's areas added.

19th Apr 1997 Mobdeaths command added.

20th Apr 1997 Online Mobprog editing on builder's port.

26th Apr 1997 Scry spell added. Midgaard hospital open. ATM's in.

3rd May 1997 Gamestat command added. School of Horrors and Soulblade added. 'Findcorpse' and 'newwhere' for helpers.

10th May 1997 Web/Dissolve added. Corpse/Death messages redone. 'Changing' flag added. Takeda's warcamp area in. Research, Seek and Treasure Hunt added.

17th May 1997 Clan deities, morgues, donateqp added.

25th May 1997 Command table rewritten, ownedwhere added.

31st May 1997 Appraise added. Spam protection added. Area reset messages implemented.

6th Jun 1997 Skill/spell system rewritten! - all loading from config files and fully settable online.

14th Jun 1997 Attributes command added. Nospam command added.

18th Jun 1997 Spiral, panic, blades of light, sustenance and light arrow added.

19th Jun 1997 Sweep, Strangle, Absorb, Herbal Remedy added.

20th Jun 1997 Ego Boost, Tame, Acid Stream, Cleave added. Aardwolf gets RAM upgrade, more areas coming!

21st Jun 1997 Counter strike, Divining added. Major skill/spell re-arrangement.

22nd Jun 1997 Exp/Online time penalty removed from Aardwolf. Mota declares there should be more war!

28th Jun 1997 Marriage is implemented. See 'Help Marriage'.

Continued in History4....

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