History 02

16th Dec 1996 Valkur makes the (very nice!) web site public. New world layout is presented.

17th Dec 1996 Aardwolf clan structure defined and available on web site. 'help clan'

19th Dec 1996 New warfare zone and helpfile added. Pet 'heeling' added (see 'help pet'). Exp calculations changed to encourage grouping.

21st Dec 1996 Clan structure in. (Help clan). New trivia file added (Help trivia).

24th Dec 1996 Object affects and other OLC Upgrades in. Bunch of new Quest equipment added.

26th Dec 1996 Fifth attack, second/third attack dual added.

27th Dec 1996 Balefire, Natural Devastation, Devastating Breath in.

28th Dec 1996 Unlawful Entry, Locate Corpse, Camp, Retreat added.

29th Dec 1996 Bashdoor, Vaccinate, Warmth, Blockexit, Willpower, Holy Mirror, Acidproof, Shockproof, Energy Shield added.

31st Dec 1996 Autotick added. Accelerate for PSI added. 'Auto' redone.

1st Jan 1997 Lightspeed added.

4th Jan 1997 Nobletalk channel added, shipwreck/dylans/astral plane out

5th Jan 1997 Quest sell added. NOPASS/NOSCAN exits working. slaughterhouse now level 130 to 145.

7th Jan 1997 Owned items online.

9th Jan 1997 Hero levelling is in. See 'HELP HERO'.

10th Jan 1997 Autorecall added. Warstatus command added.

14th Jan 1997 Character creation rewritten.

17th Jan 1997 Clans open, 6 clans in total, 'help clan'

18th Jan 1997 Clan only notes added. Clan warfare working.

21st Jan 1997 Aardwolf auto-advice system added.

22nd Jan 1997 Watfish's area Empire of Tsuranuanni added.

23rd Jan 1997 Mobprogs converted for Aardwolf and in test.

25th Jan 1997 Aardwolf moves to its own dedicated server.

29th Jan 1997 (WANTED) flag added.

5th Feb 1997 Pyromania and Lightning Strike added.

20th Feb 1997 Trivia bonus mobs coded into mud.

3rd Mar 1997 New clan applications being accepted.

8th Mar 1997 Multiclass is in!! See 'Help remort'

12th Mar 1997 Sense anger spell added.

15th Mar 1997 Midgaard food delivery added. Tech channel added.

... continued in History3

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