Aardwolf has an auction system where players may auction items and other players may bid on these items. At times very good pieces of equipment appear on auction. It is worth keeping an eye on these items, especially because a piece of equipment up for auction may have been enhanced.

   Please note: You may purchase invisible equipment via auction, only to end up with something in your inventory. If you can not 
                detect invisible, then you will not be able to wear the equipment until you can see it properly.

Auctioning: The Quick and Easy Way

If you simply wish to quickly auction an item for players to bid on within the next 90 seconds, you can use the auction command. Let's pretend you want to auction an item called a pair of silken wings. You might enter auction silke. You would then see your item announced as up for auction. You can now try using the barter channel to announce your auction, by entering something simple like barter bid on my wings please. You could check out all auctions available at this time by typing bid and check out detailed info on each item available by typing bid <item ###>. All you really have to do at this point is wait and see if someone purchases your item. Once the item is sold, the gold obtained from the auction (less 10%) will be deposited directly into your amount of gold on hand. If the item obtains no bids, you do not get it back, so only auction an item that you are positive you want to get rid of! However, if no one is bidding on your item, you can bid on your own item by entering bid <item ###> <amount>.

So to quickly recap:

  • To auction an item: auction <item keyword>
  • To bid on an item: bid <item ###> <amount>

Auctioning: Using the Market

If you would like to see your item up for auction for a number of days rather than a number of seconds, then you will want to make use of the market.

  • To see all items currently available via the market enter market list.
  • To check out an item available within the market list enter market bid <auction #>.
  • To bid on an available item use market bid <auction #> <amount>.
  • To place an item of your own on the market list, enter market sell <item> <[gold/qps/tps]> <days>.

Auctioning: Specialized Auctioning

The remort auction is a very spicialized type of auctioning system. You can only auction items using this system when you are remorting your character. You are free to bid on these items whenever you see them, you just need to have the Rauction channel turned on, and you will need to use quest points to bid on these items rather than gold.

  • To check out one of these items, enter rbid <item#>.
  • To place a bid on one of these items, use rbid <item#> <amount of quest points>.

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