Index K

Knock : Magical spell that can be used to unlock some doors.
Know Alignment : Gives ability to judge a character's moral standing.
Keep : Prevents you from dropping an item accidentally.
Keep of the Kobaloi : Keep of the Kobaloi area and goal information.
Keepall : Information on the removal of item level limits.
Keepflag : Allows items to be kept beyond the 10 level limit.
Kerofk : Information on the area of Kerofk.
Ketu Uplands : Information on the area Ketu Uplands.
Keylist : Immortal and Builder command to list keys in an area.
Keyloot : Take keys from monster corpses and leave the rest.
Keyring : Stock key holder for in game keys.
Keys : The mechanics behind the magic of Aardwolf.
Keywords : Possible matches for 'help keywords'
Kick : A powerful kick delivered during combat.
Kiksaadi Cove : Information on the area of Kiksaadi Cove.
Kill : Remove that vital spark from your enemy.
Kimr's Farm : Information on the area Kimr's Farm
Kingdom of Ahner : Information on the area Kingdom of Ahner.
Kingsholm : Information on the area of Kingsholm.
Knife Fighting : Information on the thief Knife Fighting ability.
Knight : Information about the Knight subclass.
Knights of Perdition: Information about the Knights of Perdition clan.
Knock : A spell with the possibility of unlocking a door.
Knossos : The Great City of Knossos.
Know Alignment : Magical spell to determine an enemy's alignment.
Kobold Siege Camp : Information on the area of Kobold Siege Camo.
Kobold Spray : Odoriferous poison leaves enemies gagging.
Kobold Stench : Directs poison at target, reducing their strength.
Korridel : Helpful information.
Kul Tiras : Information on the area of Kul Tiras.