Joining Baal

NOTE: Read the whole page before you start.

[The Clan Theme]

The clan's theme will be to facilitate the return of the Great Lord from his
prison in Shayol Ghul by waging war upon the known world and corrupting all
that we see with the taint of our Dark Master.

We will work through all available avenues, pursuing good while it works
towards the greater evil, doing all things necessary to gain influence, power,
status and riches to bring it all before the feet of our Lord when He returns
through our efforts.

We are the children of darkness, the taint in every person's soul come to
pursue them, to consume them, to bring them to the Dark Master's embrace
through servitude or by sending their souls to him by our blades and dark

The clan will have separate branches that answer to the leaders, the Chosen
Ones of Ba'alzamon: Quadrapus, Methusala, and Trollemite.

The Ebony Dagger are the soldiers and murderers who become the hand of the
Dark One. They gallop across the plains on their steeds striking fear into
mighty cities, and are the dark whisper in the night that keep kingdoms
awake. The Daggers are led by Syndom.

The Black Ajah is a gathering of Aes Sedai and Asha'man magic users who
experiment and practice with the dark powers given to them by their master
to facilitate their unholy endeavors. The Ajah are led by Arthon.

The Darkfriends are those who seek their goals through the gaining of status,
influence, and power through dealings with man. They slip through the night
unseen and unheard gathering information to bring about the return of our
Master. The Darkfriends are led by Krynn.

[How to Apply]

The Dark One is a fickle master and chooses His Servants with care. Those who
are incapable of following instructions are of little interest to Shai'tan.
Applicants should read [Baal's Helpfile] and the information on [Baal's Homepage]
thoroughly before writing their application.

Also, players are strongly encouraged to talk with some of the [Ba'al's Members] to
get a feel for the clan. It will help in writing the application, and give the
clan members a feel for the applicant.

When a person has decided to try to walk down the dark path of Shai'tan, they
must first submit an application addressed to the Chosen of Ba'al and the branch
leaders with the following information.

There are two parts, both equally important to an application to clan Ba'al.
Each portion should be well thought out. The application will be part of the
evaluation for admittance.

The first portion should be character and real-life details. The real-life part
should include who the applicant is, why they are interested in joining Ba'al,
and have they read any of the Wheel of Time books that the clan theme is based
on. The character part should include what the applicant briefly knows of the
clan, what they can offer in service to the Great Lord of the Dark, and what type
of player they are; a leveler, a tier, a gquestor, chatter, etc. The applicant
should include their long-term goals and which branch they wish to join as well.

The second portion of the note should be an in character (IC) role-play story
detailing a history of the character and should tell of how the character came
to be here before applying to the clan. Preferably it should be Wheel of Time
based, though it doesn't have to be as long as the books.

[Once you have applied]

First is the test of an applicant's patience.

After the application has posted, clan members are given time to post their
opinions on an applicant.

Feel free to ask members their feelings about the clan. In fact, we encourage
that. It is not necessary to contact anyone for interviews, the interviews
themselves will take place only at the Chosen's discretion and as their time
permits. Failure to follow this may result in the application being declined

You should allocate 2 weeks where you can be online enough for us to catch you.
If you have unusual playing hours (relative to Americans), feel free to add that
to your application note so that we can try to arrange a time to get with you.
If you are idle, please utilize the AFK flag during this time also.

After all planned interviews are given, all applicants will be told their status
in a note from the leaders stating whether they were successful in joining or if
more evil doings in the world are required before joining the clan.

Only SuperHeroes and/or Remorts may apply to Ba'al.