Baals Helpfile

When the Bore was drilled into a place outside the Pattern, a dark presence
used the opening to touch the world. This presence, which named itself
Shai'tan, had been imprisoned outside of time and creation by the Creator
of the universe. Although he is something beyond the mortal realm and
outside our complete understanding, one mortal word seems to embody
Shai'tan -- "evil." Since his touch was first felt, he has been known by
many names, thought most commonly as the Dark One. He is known as the
Great Lord of the Dark by those who follow him truly.

Foremost among those who originally formed the high council of the Great
Lord of the Dark's forces was Ishamael. Also known as Ba'alzamon he was
assuredly the Great Lord's top Captain-General. When the Bore was sealed,
Ba'alzamon was only partially trapped, leaving him aware and able to touch
this world. Through this influence, and by the Great Lord's will,
Ba'alzamon established the Children of Ba'alzamon as a task force to bring
about the Great Lord's return.

The clan's theme will be to bring about the return of the Great Lord by any
means necessary, if this means waging war upon the known world then so be
it, if it means to end hunger and save people to gain status and influence,
then so be it as well. But beyond all then clan can not be stagnant, it
will continue to seek to gain influence, power, or anything necessary to
bring about the one dream, the one nightmare, the return of the Great Lord.
The clan will have separate factions that answer to the leaders, the
Ebony Dagger are the warriors and thieves who become the hand of the dark one,
galloping across the plains on their steeds, hooves that strike fear into
mighty cities, and dark whispers in the night that keep kingdoms awake.
The Black Ajah is a gathering of mages, clerics, and psionicists who
experiment and practice with the dark powers given to them by their master
to facilitate their endeavours. The
Darkfriends are those who seek their
goals through the gaining of status, influence, and powers through dealings
with man. All factions of the clan may vote together upon ideas,
decisions, and outcasting, but leaders always have final say.