Raised in the wastes to the far north, these proud, fierce beings possess the strength, honour and loyalty of the wolf as well as the intelligence and cunning of humans. Standing upright at almost seven feet in height, they are covered all over in coarse, dark fur. The feral look in their eyes coupled with a fang-filled maw, and a howl to chill the bravest of hearts make these noble beings a force to be reckoned with. The Wolfen are natural hunters, and their dexterity is among the best of any creature found within the realm. Adapting well to all climes, Wolfen make natural thieves and warriors, although the magical arts are difficult for them to master. Like all wolves, they dislike fire and also daylight since it is a rarity so far north.

Starting stats/Training costs for the Wolfen race:

                      STR INT WIS DEX CON LUCK
Wolven Start Stats   : 14  11  13  13  15   13
Training Costs       :  0  +1  +2  -1  -1    0

Affects         : Detect Invis, Dark vision.
Perm Skills     : Sneak, Hunt. [Any class]

Resistances for the Wolfen race:

[:aardbox] [:abl]Bash : 0 Pierce : 0 Slash : @g13@w[abl:] [:abl][abl:] [:abl]Acid : 0 Air : 0 Cold : @g34@w[abl:] [:abl]Disease : @g21@w Earth : 0 Energy : 0[abl:] [:abl]Fire : @r-38@w Holy : 0 Light : @r-24@w[abl:] [:abl]Lightning : 0 Magic : 0 Mental : 0[abl:] [:abl]Negative : 0 Poison : 0 Shadow : 0[abl:] [:abl]Sonic : @r-21@w Water : 0 [abl:] [aardbox:]