Stats are the attributes that define a player's abilities. Stats are very important in Aardwolf and determine the style of your character. The following is a brief description of what each stat does.

                       Strength | Intelligence | Wisdom | Dexterity | Constitution | Luck

Strength (STR)

The strength stat determines how strong your character is. Strength affects the following areas:
  • How hard your non magical attacks hit is based on your strength. Even for thief skills where the base damage is based on dexterity, the damage modifiers are still based on strength. Increasing your strength will increase the damage you do with weapons.
  • Strength is the primary stat for most warrior skills and also has a large effect on thief skills.
  • How many items and the total weight you can carry is determined by strength.
  • The higher your strength is, the higher your hitroll and damroll will be.
  • Strength affects the maximum number of items you can carry. The formula is (87 + STR + (DEX / 2)).


Intelligence (INT)

Intelligence measures how smart your character is and how able you are to learn new skills and spells. Intelligence affects the following main areas:
  • Intelligence is the primary stat for mages and determines the amount of damage done by mage spells. It is also a primary stat for psionicist and paladin combat spells.
  • Intelligence determines how much you increase your percentage in a skill when you practice.
  • High intelligence helps a character 'save' spells which means you have a greater chance to reduce damage and avoid harmful effects.
  • Intelligence determines how much mana you will gain when you increase a level.


Wisdom (WIS)

Wisdom affects how well your character is able to use magical knowledge for both healing and combat. Wisdom affects the following main areas:
  • The amount of healing granted by heal and similar spells is determined by the wisdom of the caster.
  • The amount of protection granted by sanctuary and other protective spells is determined by the wisdom of the person affected.
  • Wisdom determines how many practice sessions you will gain when you level.
  • Wisdom is the primary stat for cleric combat spells and also has a part to play in ranger and psionicist spells.
  • High wisdom helps you avoid the effects of maladictions such as poison, weaken, curse and blindness, and increases your chances of successfully casting cures for these affects.


Dexterity (DEX)

Your dexterity is an indication of how agile your character is. Dexterity affects many areas of gameplay, the main ones are:
  • Dexterity helps in hit reduction, high dexterity will make it harder for opponents to hit you.
  • Dexterity helps determine how many times in a round you will hit - a character with high dexterity will get more attacks in.
  • Higher dexterity helps you dodge and parry hits.
  • Dexterity is the primary stat for thief and is the main stat that determines the effectiveness of thief attack skills.
  • Dexterity affects the maximum number of items you can carry. The formula is (87 + STR + (DEX / 2)).


Constitution (CON)

Constitution measures the general health and resilience of your character. Constitution affects the following main areas:
  • Constitution helps your resists - a character with higher constitution will take less damage in combat.
  • By reducing damage taken, constitution reduces healing potion usage, allowing the player to make more gold by spending less on potions.
  • In addition, a combat round that is not used to quaff a potion or cast a heal may be used for an attack spell or skill instead, thereby increasing kill speed and mitigating damage taken even further.
  • Constitution determines how many hit points you will gain when you increase a level.
  • Constitution is the primary stat for ranger and has an effect on many thief, warrior and paladin skills and spells also.
  • Consititution is your body's hardiness, a player particularly low in constitution will find themselves less able to withstand damage of any kind.



Luck is a general purpose stat affecting virtually everything in the game. Luck is a primary stat in almost nothing, but helps almost everything.
  • A character with higher luck will dodge more often, hit more often, do more damage with spells and avoid harmful effects easier.
  • A very lucky character can gain additional trains and stats when raising a level.
  • Luck helps determine your chances of adding magical affects to items when using spells such as enchant armor, resonate, solidify, etc.
  • Luck will help you hit multiple times with many skills.