Vampires are a well known legend in other worlds, but in Aardwolf they are very real and very dangerous creatures of the shadows. Vampires are extremely vulnerable to sunlight, and are also bothered by fire and holy based attacks. However, their empathy with darkness makes them resistant to negative and shadow based attacks as well as disease and cold. A vampire will heal much faster in darkness but will have a hard time healing outside during sunlight hours. Vampires are able to strike fear into the hearts of most creatures, can consume the corpses of their victims for regeneration, and do not suffer from thirst.

Starting stats/Training costs for the Vampire race:

                       STR  INT  WIS  DEX  CON LUCK
Vampire Start Stats   : 13   11   11   12   11   15
Training Costs        : -1   -1   +1    0    0   +1

Affects         : Detect Invis, Dark Vision, Flying.
Skills/Special  : Intimidate. Heal faster at night. Consume corpses for hp.

Resistances for the Vampire race:

[:aardbox] [:abl]Bash : 0 Pierce : 0 Slash : 0[abl:] [:abl][abl:] [:abl]Acid : 0 Air : 0 Cold : @g17@w[abl:] [:abl]Disease : @g29@w Earth : 0 Energy : 0[abl:] [:abl]Fire : @r-32@w Holy : @r-40@w Light : @r-91@w[abl:] [:abl]Lightning : 0 Magic : 0 Mental : 0[abl:] [:abl]Negative : @g54@w Poison : @g19@w Shadow : @g31@w[abl:] [:abl]Sonic : 0 Water : 0 [abl:] [aardbox:]