Little is known of the Ethereal race that roams Aardwolf, hence they are collectively known as 'shadows'. Since their ethereal form makes them particularly weak when matched against other races their constitution is limited. Although shadows are more naturally suited to pure spellcasting classes, their ability to pass all non-warded doors and their low utilization of energy while exploring makes them very competent thieves. They have an innate resistance to shadow and vulnerability to light, but air attacks are also effective against them.

Starting stats/Training costs for the Shadow race:

                      STR  INT WIS  DEX CON LUCK
Shadow Start Stats :   10   15  16   14  12   17
Training Costs     :   +1    0  -1    0  +1   -1

Affects         : Fly, Pass Door.
Abilities       : Shadow form. [Any Class].

Resistances for the Shadow race:

[:aardbox] [:abl]@gBash @W: @g 24@w @gPierce @W: @g 28@w @gSlash @W: @w 0[abl:] [:abl]@w[abl:] [:abl]@gAcid @W: @w 0 @gAir @W: @r-156@w @gCold @W: @w 0[abl:] [:abl]@gDisease @W: @w 0 @gEarth @W: @w 0 @gEnergy @W: @w 0[abl:] [:abl]@gFire @W: @w 0 @gHoly @W: @w 0 @gLight @W: @r-408[abl:] [:abl]@gElectric @W: @w 0 @gMagic @W: @w 0 @gMental @W: @w 0[abl:] [:abl]@gNegative @W: @g 108@w @gPoison @W: @w 0 @gShadow @W: @g 272[abl:] [:abl]@gSonic @W: @w 0 @gWater @W: @w 0 [abl:] [:abl]@w[abl:] [aardbox:]