Nikkei has been a helpers since 2003. He is best remembered as the evil newbie who started the revolution in Supernewbie pvp. Nikkei is the name for a stocks market index in Japan, just like the US counterpart Nasdaq.

On 031106, 2359hrs, Nikkei will complete his two years of military service as an infantry officer. He will pursue his tertiary education in NUS dentistry faculty 2007.

Friendster Profile

Male, 21, Single
Hometown:Shanghai * Yishun

Schools (Other): Chongde Pri, Northland Pri, RI, RJC, (NUS Dentistry 2007)

Occupation: NSF

Companies: foxtrot bmtc, delta wing ocs, SSU SAFTI

Hobbies and Interests: bashing, FBO turnout, everything out, knockit down, runningallovertheshop, slacking in the office, mudding, aardwolf

Favorite Books: Evangelion, Bleach, Davinci Cod (no, not spelling error)

Favorite Movies: Matrix, 50 First Dates

Favorite Music: perfect day, Nan Quan Ma Ma 2nd Meal, Shan Hu Hai

Favorite TV Shows: 4400, 24, numb3rs

About Me:

posted to bmtc at changi naval base
then reposted to pilot
then reposted to SSU SAFTI AMTO ..... o_O

got Food we Eat
got Bed we Sleep
got PT we Report Sick!
  • Who I Want to Meet:
    4ny l337 h4x0r,
    who play aardwolf,
    who's gonna study dentistry,
    and new/old friends! =D

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