I came here from a different mud, arround 2000. I was unable to play for a while because I lost my ISP. Back when I was active I had created a dice and roulette game for my friends who where bored of Black Jack. Some Imm's took notice then and started working on what is now Hold'em. I like to think I was the inspiration :)

I was able to come back in March 08, your stuck with me!

I currently started an "organization" The Beer Drinking Friends. Basically just a group of people who like to have fun. I have since themed my manor around the BDF. More info found here(approve sites).

Now that I am back I hope to stay for a long time. I will be warmongering and Qsitting until I can buy everything I'll ever need......

Oh ya I still let anyone come hang out at my Manor when their bored, and yes I still run dice and roulette ever once in a while.

Currently I am working on Area Maps for all of our VI players, and helping JustMe here on Wiki and help lighten her load.

I just started the Aard Credit Union... lets see how things pan out! Kerith