Justme has been roaming around Aardwolf for quite a few years. She shudders to admit that a stupid boy brought her to Aard. After he broke a date with her because of a raid, she got on her computer to scream at him. She was intrigued. When they broke up (no it was not mud related), he kept Aard and she walked away.. for a few years. She eventually came back, created a new character, Justme, and has been around since.

Prior to imming, she worked herself up through the ranks of Watchmen, eventually becoming a leader. She was also a very active Helper, a sometimes tester, and a newbie builder.

You can normally find her somewhere in Aylor, chatting with newer players in her off time.

Justme is proud of her hometown, St. Louis, Missouri. She is 36years old and has two dogs she refers to as her kids. She is a huge Blues fan and will be missed a bit during hockey season. She gained a husband this year who actually met every goal in help boyfriend - which was the first helpfile she worked on.

Althalus says: Woah! SEXY Lumina says: JM, we LOVE you!!!!

Ikyu Says: JM is wi(c)ki(d)!