About me:

I'm around 30 years old and I've been mudding a long time. My first mud was a full-pk emlen hosted in the Netherlands called Fate. I played several versions of Fate until it eventually was taken down for a while. At this point I moved to another full-pk Diku/Emlen variant called Everwar. This mud was based off another called Rites of Passage which was quite popular in it's time. I spent many years playing various incarnations of Everwar as the Administration team changed periodically and new "wipes" were released. Eventually I ended up hosting and adminning an incarnation myself. Unfortunately, the pbase aged and the development slowed. New players were hard to come by due to lack of advertising, and the ones that showed up were all too often run off by rude "veteran" players. Administration was turned over to others, and eventually hosting as well. I continued to play Everwar for a short time while trying to be helpful in any new progress.

While exploring other muds for examples of "what's worked" for them, I landed in the Aylorian Academy. What I found was a very familiar environment to the one I had become accustomed to over the years. However, the main thing that stuck out about Aardwolf was a sense of longevity, and evolution to the game. Little by little I uncovered more and more layers of development that I found enjoyable. I found myself playing Aardwolf more and Everwar less. I began to establish relationships with other players, such as Cheezburger, who was pivotal in helping me get my preferred client, Tintin++ set up.

As I met more and more players, I really felt at home in the Aardwolf community, and applied to a newbie helper clan, DoH: Disciples of Hassan. I have been extremely happy with the group of people who make up this clan, and how we are all able to help each other while also enjoying our own playing styles.

I intensely enjoy writing scripts for Tintin++ and finding other ways to enhance my playing experience with code (which some would call "botting" but always with the rules in mind). Links to such scripts either written or modified by me can be found below. Again, many of these scripts are only slight variants on ones provided by Cheezburger, so shout out to him. I prefer Tintin++ because I find Linux OS variants to be more "hacker friendly" when it comes to such things. Also, the ability to interact with Linux remotely has been better for me than with Windows. So, while the netbook on my lap runs Windows, I mud via ssh almost exclusively. This lends itself well to mudding with remote device OS's such as Andriod and IOS.

I plan to develop this character pretty much exclusively except for maybe a brief foray into an Oracle alt. Leveling via campaigns and quests is obvious, but speed is also a consideration. If you find me over level 100, chances are I'm power-leveling and am interested in grouping (if you pull your weight or more). Grouping is much preferable for me than xping solo.

While I am from a full-pk environment, I find the pk in Aardwolf so far to be lacking. Most of the issues are known and have been discussed by others plenty. Ultimately, I'd rather gain levels and tiers, than waste any time in wars or pking, due in part to the fact that levels and tiers matter so much in pk. Feel free to try and kill me, if you're a T9 or stocking web scrolls it won't be very hard, just don't be surprised if I make fun of you a little bit.

(- Ixle -) 18 Mar 2012

Started Aard: 28 Sep 2011
Accepted DoH: 07 Nov 2011
Promoted DoH: 23 Dec 2011 (-Trainee-)
Tier 1      : 11 Feb 2012 (Warrior)
Promoted DoH: 02 Mar 2012 (-Initiate-)
Tier 2      : 23 Apr 2012 (Thief)
Tier 3      : 03 Jun 2012 (Thief)
Promoted DoH: 03 Jun 2012 (-Advisor-)
Tier 4      : 20 Aug 2012 (Thief)
Created Alt :
Finished Alt:
Tier 5      : 22 Dec 2012 (Thief)
Promoted DoH: 19 Dec 2012 (-Sage-)
Tier 6      : 03 Feb 2013 (Thief)
Tier 7      : 22 Apr 2013 (Thief)
Tier 8      : 22 Jun 2013 (Ranger)
Tier 9      : 28 Sep 2013 (Warrior)
1000 GQ wins: 28 Dec 2013
500k qp earn: 13 Feb 2013

Client: Tintin++ Settings: core plugins

More to come...

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