There are two kinds of prompts, your regular, all-the-time prompt and the fighting-only battle prompt. Some info is only available in one of the two prompts.

A prompt is a very personal thing, and you'll want to balance information and visibility. Too much of either is a distraction. Read help prompt to find the commands to set your prompts and what each of the variables do. Also, you can type <auto> to see your current prompt.

Examples of regular prompts:

[100%-5000/5000hp 100%-5000/5000mn 5000/5000mv QT: 15 Tnl: 5000 Tells: 0 Dbl: 1 NESWUD] >
[%p-%h/%Hhp %P-%m/%Mmn %v/%Vmv QT: %q Tnl: %X Tells: %t%d %e] >%c

( 1042/1042 100%Hp 946/946 100%Mn QT:23 2221tnl 169396 Gold Align:1000 )
( %h/%H %pHp %m/%M %PMn QT:%q%d %Xtnl %g Gold Align:%a )

{2766/2920hp 2048/2129mn 1963/1963mv 1921tnl 11min Dbl: 1}
{@g%h@w/@G%Hhp @r%m@w/@R%Mmn @B%v/%Vmv @W%Xtnl @Y%qmin@M%d@w}

<2054/2054H 1804/1804M 2025/2025V 36055G 1625X -0- > *[1000]* 0
<%h/%HH %m/%MM %v/%VV %gG %XX -%q- %d> *[%a]* %t

<HP: 2766/2920, MN: 2048/2129, MV: 1963/1963, XP: 1921tnl QT: 11, AL: 250@w> 1
Atreides: <@CHP: %h/%H, @GMN: %m/%M, MV: %v/%V, @YXP: %Xtnl @WQT: %q, @MAL: %a@w> @W%d@w

Examples of Battle Prompts: (Back to top)

( 1042/1042 100%Hp 946/946 100 )
( %h/%H %pHp %L %m/%M %PMn %b )

<[ Enemy: 86%/89% ] 1154/2139M 1947/1950V 36094G 1619X -0- > 0
<[%b/%p %L] %m/%MM %v/%VV %gG %XX -%q- %d> %t

You:100% Enemy:100%
<1000/1000hp 1200/1309mp 800/1000mv|5000gp|300xp
Ixie: @yYou:@R%p @yEnemy:@R%B%%%c@w<@R%h/%Hhp @c%m/%Mmp @C%v/%Vmv@W|@Y%ggp@W|@M%Xxp

Prompt Variables (Back to top)

    %h :  Current hit points       
    %H :  Maximum hit points
    %p :  Hit points, as a percentage of max ("x%")
    %m :  Current mana             
    %M :  Maximum mana
    %P :  Mana, as a percentage of max ("x%")
    %v :  Current moves            
    %V :  Maximum moves
    %N :  Moves, as a percentage of max ("x%")
    %b :  Display enemy health percentage (" Enemy: x%") - bprompt only
    %B :  Display enemy health percentage value only - bprompt only
    %x :  Total experience         
    %X :  Experience required to next level
    %t :  Number of caught tells waiting for you
    %T :  Last character that sent you a tell ("(Reply: <name>)")
    %g :  Carried gold
    %a :  Current alignment value
    %r :  Room name - regular prompt only
    %K :  Displays [**> PK <**] when in a PK-flagged room.
    %e :  Open room exits ("NESWUD") - regular prompt only
    %q :  Time remaining on current quest or until next quest
    %d :  Minutes of double experience remaining (" Dbl: x")
    %f :  Poker hand information, if participating in a game

    %c :  Inserts a carriage return (useful for multi-line prompts)
    %% :  Display a % sign in the prompt.

    The following display only when the group leader is in combat:
    %l :  Group leader's hit points (" Ldr: x")
    %L :  Group leader hit point percentage (" Ldr: x%")

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