Mud Messages

This page is a compilation of various mud outputs, to place triggers on !
Warning !
You are expected to be at-the-keyboard while actively playing Aardwolf. Any method which provides your character with meaningful gains, without any direct interaction from you, is illegal. This is true even if you're at the keyboard and sitting in another window as your character is busy, whether solo or part of a group (leader or follower).
Botting is illegal on Aardwolf, read Policies 7

Pick letter :

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In the messages, variable strings will be replaced with '***' and variable numbers will be replaced by '111' !
If you see something missing here, drop a tell or a note to Alhena on the mud !

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Found a piece : You find an (Aarchaeology) piece hidden in the corpse!


Auction start : Auction: <playername> is auctioning <item name> (Level 111, Num 111). Current bid is 111,111.
Auction sale : Auction: <item name> SOLD to <playername> for 111,111 gold.

Alignment names and ranges

Lord of Ruin (-2500 to -2500) ( Avatar of Darkness (-2499 to -2200) ( Harbinger of Doom (-2199 to -1900), Emissary of Evil (-1899 to -1600), Nefarious (-1599 to -1400), Wicked (-1399 to -1200), Diabolical (-1199 to -900), Heartless (-899 to -700), Heinous (-699 to -500), Foul (-499 to -400), Cruel to -399 to -300), Corrupt (-299 to -200), Mean (-199 to -100), Unpleasant (-99 to -50), Neutral (-49 to -1), Grey (0 to 0), Neutral (1 to 50), Kind (51 to 100), Pure (101 to 200), Good (201 to 300), Righteous (301 to 400), Virtuous (401 to 500), Reverent (501 to 700), Beneficent (701 to 900), Angelic (901 to 1200), Saintly (1201 to 1400), Seraphic (1401 to 1600), Emissary of Good (1601 to 1900), Harbinger of Hope (1901 to 2200), Avatar of Light (2201 to 2499), Lord of Angels (2500 to 2500)

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Campaign start message : Commander Barcett tells you 'I have selected 111 targets for you to hunt, <your name>.'
Campaign check available : You may take a campaign at this level.
Campaign check not available : You will have to level before you can go on another campaign.
Campaign mob killed : Congratulations, that was one of your CAMPAIGN mobs!
Campaign finished : CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed your campaign.


CLAN ANNOUNCEMENT: <playername> has donated 111,111 gold to the clan.


CLAN ANNOUNCEMENT: <playername> has donated 111 quest point to the clan.

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Daily Blessing Reward Messages

Next * mobs killed will reward double experience
Next * quests completed will reward double quest points
Next campaign will include a trivia point reward
Next * campaigns requested will include a trivia point reward
Next * mobs killed will reward bonus gold
Next * levels or powerups will add bonus trains
Instant level or powerup. Type 'level up' to use.
* blesses you with * bonus training sessions.
* blesses you with * free Aardwolf lottery tickets.
* blesses you with a blank chaos portal.
* blesses you with a Daily Blessing area reset token.
* blesses you with a Daily Blessing Campaign Reset Token.
* blesses you with a Daily Blessing Qreset Token.
* blesses you with a Trivia Point Token.
* blesses you with a Trivia Spell-up Potion.
* blesses you with a Trivia Incomplete Healing Potion.
* blesses you with an Aura of Trivia.
* blesses you with * additional gold.
* blesses you with * bonus quest points.
* blesses you with a free point of instinct in *.
NOTE: For the lines above that start with a wildcard and "blesses" the first wildcard is replaced with your deity. If you are unclanned it will be "Ayla"

Death Blow

Your death blow CLEAVES *** in two!


Dropped weapon: <player/mob> DISARMS you and sends your <weapon> flying.
Weapon returned to inventory: <player/mob> DISARMS you and you struggle not to drop your weapon.
Dark 8 mobprog disarm: Your weapon has turned to fire! IT BURNS!
Dark Elves mobprog disarm: Your arm goes numb, and you lose your grip on your weapon.


<playername> has challenged you to a duel.

Double Xp

Normal double : Below the flare, you hear <player> scream 'HEAR ME, FOR I HAVE CONQUERED!'
Normal double : Below the flare, you hear <player> scream 'HEY, I CAN SEE MY MANOR FROM HERE!'
Xmas double : Double experience for 10 minutes courtesy of <player>.
Million double : Aardwolf rejoices in the death of another MILLION monsters.
DB double : Double experience for 10 minutes courtesy of <player>'[s] daily blessing.
Sponsored double : [ 10 minutes of double exp started courtesy of <donation, player, etc> ]
End of double : INFO: Bonus experience has now expired.

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Gain convert : You convert 10 practices into a training session.

Global Quest

Declaration message :
Global Quest: Global quest # 111 has been declared for levels 111 to 111.
Global Quest: The quest will start in 111 ticks and will last for 111 ticks.
Global Quest: See 'Help Global Quests', or, type 'Gquest Join' to take part.
Start message : Global Quest: The global quest for levels 111 to 111 has now started.
Target killed :
Congratulations, that was one of the GLOBAL QUEST mobs!
3 quest points awarded.
Ending message : Global Quest: The global quest has been won by PlayerName - 1st win.
Optional second line : Global Quest: The global quest will go into extended time for 3 more minutes.
non-winning completion :Global Quest: PlayerName has completed Global Quest # 1234.
You have finished this global quest.
This quest is in extended time and was already won by OtherPlayer.
Global Quest: No active players remaining, Global Quest # 1234 is now over.

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Helpers & Advisors related

Creation messages :
Line 1 : INFO: All please welcome <playername>, Aardwolf's newest <race> <subclass>!
Line 2 :
INFO: <playername> is new to mudding and may need extra help.
INFO: <playername> has MUD experience but is new to Aardwolf.
INFO: <playername> is an experienced Aardwolf player.
Recreation message :
INFO: All please welcome <playername> back from recreation!
Second line is same as creation messages

Hungry message

## You start to feel hungry.


Not enough moves to hunt : You're too exhausted to hunt anyone!
Campaign : You seem unable to hunt that target for some reason.

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Ice Age

[[ WARNING: An Ice Age Approaches - 2 minutes - See 'help ice age' ]]
[[ WARNING: An Ice Age Approaches - 1 minute - See 'help ice age' ]]

Idle message

Your eyes glaze over.


Player is no longer ignoring you.
Player is now ignoring you.

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Logon messages

Login request : What be thy name, adventurer?
Password request : Password:


Prize won : You have Aardwolf lottery winnings to collect!!

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Failed : Alas, it seems there are no miracles in store for <player>.
Ineligible : <player> is beyond any help from a miracle.
Success : You have cheated death out of claiming <player>.
123 experience refunded from the grim reaper.


Moon rising : You see the <moon color> moon rising in the <east|west>.
Moon falling : You notice the <moon color> moon falling to the <east|west>.

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Unseen forces prevent SoAndSo's dirt from blinding you.


Magic walls bounce you back.


Unseen forces remove SoAndSo's poison from you before it can take hold.


You are magically protected from being teleported.


Vira's blessing protects you from SoAndSo's vorpal attack.


Unseen forces protect you from SoAndSo's tangling web.

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INFO: XXX has entered open PK (OPK) mode!
INFO: XXX has removed himself from the (OPK) victim pool!

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You find a |P[Poker Card]P| special item hidden in the corpse!

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Quest timer 0 : QUEST: You may now quest again.
Quest running out of time : QUEST: Better hurry, you're almost out of time for your quest!
Quest complete messages :
<questor name> tells you 'Congratulations <playername> on completing your quest!'
<questor name> tells you 'As a reward, I am giving you 111 quest points and 111 gold.'
Possible bonuses :
<questor name> tells you 'I am also giving you 111 quest points tier bonus and 2 quest points OPK bonus..'
You get lucky and gain an extra 111 quest points.
** You gain a bonus training session **
** You gain a bonus 111 practices **
** You gain a bonus trivia point! **
You gain an extra 2 quest points 'MCCP Bonus'.
Quest request message : NOTE! There is now random "flavor text" in the quest request messages
<questor name> tells you 'Thank you, brave <playername>!'
<questor name> tells you 'An enemy of mine, <mob name>, is making vile'
<questor name> tells you 'threats against <god name>! This threat must be eliminated!'
<questor name> tells you 'Seek <mob name> out somewhere in the vicinity'
<questor name> tells you 'of <room name> which is in the general area'
<questor name> tells you 'of <area name>.'
<questor name> tells you 'Good luck <playername>. Return safely!'
<questor name> tells you 'You have 111 minutes to complete your quest.'

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** You can take revenge on SoAndSo for 15 minutes.

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You get AardWords (TM) - <letter name> from the *** corpse of <mob name>.


You feel as if you are being watched.


First message :
INFO: <player name> is now a wanted outlaw
<player name> has placed an outlaw bounty on your head.
When it becomes active :
Your (WANTED) flag is now active.
When killing a (WANTED) player :
You killed an outlaw!! * Gold Rewarded!


Improvement : You have become better at <name of skill>!
Mastered : You have now completely mastered <name of skill>!


Improvement : You have become better at <name of spell>!
Mastered : You have now completely mastered <name of spell>!
Regular Failure : You lost your concentration while trying to cast <name of spell>
Failure while in fight : You can't concentrate enough to cast <name of spell>


Congratulations! You are now a superhero!

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You have been teleported!
You feel disoriented for a moment then appear in a new location.


*** just sent you a tell.

Tick message

--> TICK <--

Thirsty message

## You start to feel thirsty.

Trivia points

Gain on mobkill : You killed a Triv bonus mob!! Triv point added.

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Vorpal message

[111] Your decapitation does *** things to *** ! [111]

Vortex long desc

A swirling, chaotic vortex floats here, emanating waves of dark magic.

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Declaration message :
WARFARE: <war type> has been declared by <person/Ivar> for levels 111 to 111!
WARFARE: There are no enemies to fight each other. Peace declared!
WARFARE: The preparation grounds shall close in approx 111 minutes!
WARFARE: Type 'combat' to join the war. No death penalties!
WARFARE: The war has been won by the <race/class>
WARFARE: The war has been won by <clantag> clan!
GENOCIDE: <player> emerges from the warfields victorious!
Timer going down :WARFARE: The preparation room will close in 111 minute.
War closed :WARFARE: The war is now closed. Prepare to fight!!
War cancelled due to lack of combatants:WARFARE: There are no enemies to fight each other. Peace declared!

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