In Game Games

Games within a game!!!

Aardwolf offers quiet a few in-game games or Mini Games for your pleasure! You can do anything from win money, Trivia Points, or just have fun! Here is a list of some of the built in games.


  • Dice - Nothing fancy here! A simple roll of the dice decides fate...
  • Blackjack - One of the many ways to lose your hard-won money.
  • Poker - One of the many ways to lose your hard earned money (in some cases QP or TP).
  • Lasertag - A Battle of teams! Just like (kind of) real life lasertag or paintball!
  • Lottery - So you want to be rich? Think you have the lucky numbers?
  • Scrabble - If your a word-smith, and want a challenge, this is your game!! (not as easy as the boardgame)

Player Ran Games:

Coming soon!!!