Syntax: donate <object>
Related Helps: Clandonate, Clanqpdonate.

If you have an item that is no longer of use to you, you can donate it so that others may use it.

Where - Donation

Three donation rooms exist in Aardwolf, just down from recall. Players may donate items in their inventory to these donation rooms. Donated equipment is automatically sorted into these three rooms by category: weapons, armor, and other. At times good pieces of equipment may be found for free in the donation rooms.

In the in game map, donation rooms are marked by a D.

Lost and Found

To the north of these rooms is a Lost and Found room. If players find owned equipment on the ground, they will sometimes thoughtfully place it in this room. If you are missing an owned item, try using the ownedwhere command. Maybe you will find your missing item has been placed in this room! Also, if you find another player's owned items, feel free to drop them in this room.

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