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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Protection
Absorb : Defensive spell absorbing some magical attacks.
Acidproof : Grants resistance to acid based attacks.
Adrenaline Control : Used to control adrenaline release during combat.
Antimagic Shell : Deflects almost all magical attacks.
Armor : Gives the caster magical protection.
Avoidance : Forms a temporary shield around the target.
Barkskin : The caster's skin temporarily becomes hard as bark.
Biofeedback : Control bleeding to reduce damage taken.
Blink : Allows a mage to blink out of existence to avoid a hit.
Blur : Blurs caster's appearance making them harder to hit.
Camouflage : Rangers' ability to avoid combat attacks.
DODGES : Gives a chance to dodge an attack.
Darkness : Summon a protective globe of darkness around you.
ECTOPLASMIC FORM : Enables caster to pass through (some) closed doors.
ENERGY CONTAINMENT : Absorb various forms of magical energy.
ENERGY SHIELD : Grants target resistance to explosive energy.
FLESH ARMOR : Allows a psionicist to harden his/her skin.
FORTITUDE : A warrior's ability to withstand damage in combat.
HEAT SHIELD : Reduces the effectiveness of all fire based attacks.
HOLY INTERVENTION : Divine assistance avoiding blows in combat.
HOLY MIRROR : Gives resistance to holy and light based attacks.
HOLY RIFT : Uses your god's holy rift to escape hits during combat.
INDESTRUCTIBLE AURA : Creates a holy aura of protection around the cleric.
INTELLECT FORTRESS : Creates a barrier of mental energy around the psionic.
Inertial Barrier : Creates a barrier of positive energy around the psionic
MISDIRECTION : Thieves' ability to confuse enemies.
PARRY : Ability to block an oncoming attack with your weapon.
SHIELD SPELL : Creates a protective shield around the target.
SHOCKPROOF : Grants some resistance to lightning based attacks.
SPIRIT SHIELD : Describes the paladin 'spirit shield' ability.
STONE SKIN : Gives caster's skin the texture and hardness of stone.
Sanctuary : Protection spell using holy power to reduce damage.
THOUGHT SHIELD : Damage absorbing shield held in place by psi's will.
TIME SHIFT : Psionic ability to shift briefly in time to avoid attac
TOXIC RESISTANCE : Grants the caster some resistance to poisonous attacks.
WARMTH : Grants the target resistance to cold based attacks.
WILLPOWER : Grants the target resistance to mental attacks.