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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Malediction
Amnesia : Cause an opponent to forget his/her training.
Curse : Forsakes a player from their deity, with negative impac
Curse of Sloth : Information on the Witch spell, Curse of Sloth
DISEASE : A pox of boils and fever, inflicted upon your foe.
Daze : Effects of being dazed by skills/spells.
EGO WHIP : Severely reduces the confidence the target.
Hex of Entropy : Information on the Witch spell, 'Hex of Entropy'
Hex of Misfortune : Information on the Witch spell, 'Hex of Misfortune'
POISON : Poisons the victim and reduces their strength.
Petrify : Information on the Witch spell, Petrify.
RAW FLESH : Mentally removes the skin of the victim
SLEEP SPELL : Puts a player or monster to sleep for a while.
SLOW : Reduce the speed of an opponent.
SOFTEN : Makes the victim's armor easier to penetrate.
SUPPRESSED HEALING : Weaken another's ability to heal.
Tortured Vision : Information on the Inquisitor spell, 'Tortured Visions'
WEB : Binds the victim to the spot!
WITHER : Unnaturally ages the target.
Weaken : Reduces the strength of its victim.