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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Healing
Black Lotus : Refreshes spent magical and mystical energy.
Cannibalize : Allows psionicists to exchange hit points for mana.
Cell Adjustment : Atomic level cell adjustment to remove poison/curses.
Cleansing : Purges the caster of impurities and ill affects.
Create Poultice : Creates an infusion of beneficial herbs.
Cure Blindness : Healing power used to restore a victim's sight.
Cure Critical : Heals a high amount of wounds.
Cure Disease : The power of the Gods to burn the illness from a person
Cure Epidemic : Cures a roomful of diseased urchins.
Cure Light : Heals a small amount of wounds.
Cure Poison : Healing power used to cure some types of poison.
Cure Serious : Heals a moderate amount of wounds.
Cure Weakness : Information on cure for the 'weakness' spell.
Dissolve : Remove a poisonous web from the target.
Ego Boost : Restore the confidence of an ego-whip victim.
HEALING : Basics of when/how to recover hp, mana, moves.
HEALING TOUCH : Allows the caster to heal another's wounds.
HERBAL REMEDY : Use natural remedies to cure ailments.
Heal Spell : Allows the caster to heal a large amount of wounds.
INCOMPLETE HEALING : Allows the caster to heal his wounds... albeit incomple
LAY HANDS : The ability to heal with touch.
LEND HEALTH : Allows caster to lend hp to a friend in need.
NATURES TOUCH : A Ranger can heal HP with this spell
PARTY HEAL : Heal one's entire party
PSYCHIC HEALING : Allows the psionicist to heal his/her wounds.
Poultice : Prepares a minor poultice to heal a target.
REFRESH : Restores a character's movement points
REJUVENATE : Greatly increases the energy of its target
REMOVE CURSE : The ability to remove a curse from a person or item
RENEW : Allows the caster to heal a large amount of wounds.
REST : Waking, resting and sleeping in Aardwolf.
RESTORE LIFE : Allows the caster to heal significant wounds on self.
Regeneration : A cleric can heal a great number of hit points
Sacrifice Life : Martyr subclass spell allowing health to be shared.
TREAT WOUNDS : Allows a warrior to bandage wounds.
VACCINATE : Grants resistance to disease and immunity to disease.