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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Followers
Animal Friendship : Used by rangers to befriend animals in the wild.
Animate Dead : Turn corpses into zombies bound into your service.
Animate Object : Animate objects and turn them into your minions.
Charm Person : Charms the victim to become one of your minions.
Command : Magically commands a mob to carry out an order.
Conjure Elemental : Use various components to enlist the elements.
Domination : Dominate the mind of your intended victim.
Dust Devil : Summon a minor air elemental as your minion.
Follow : Allows the user to follow another character.
Followers : Shows who is following you.
Group : Form and manage a party of players.
Heel : Ordering your pet to your current location.
Nofollow : Prevents other people from following you.
Order : The command used to order around minions.
Pets : Information on how to buy and use pets on Aardwolf.
Rescue : A fighter may rescue his stricken comrade
Share : Allows a player to split gold with their group.
Tame : Ranger ability to tame even the wildest of creatures.
Warhorse : Summon a trusty steed.