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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Detection
Aura Sight : Grants ability to sense the alignment of targets.
Blinded : Being blinded and blindness removal.
Conceal : Conceals an items aura from magical location.
Detect Evil : Allows the caster to detect evil characters.
Detect Good : Grants the caster the ability to perceive goodness.
Detect Hidden : Allows the caster to detect hidden characters.
Detect Invis : Allows the caster to detect invisibility.
Detect Magic : Allows the caster to detect magical artifacts.
Detect Poison : Allows the caster to detect poisoned items.
Detect Undead : Necromancer ability to sense death.
Eye of Warning : Spot stealthy characters.
Heighten Senses : Increases the detection skills of the user.
Locate Animal : Allows caster to locate creatures within the realm.
Locate Object : Reveals the location of artifacts within the realm.
Night Vision : Enables the spellcaster to detect life in the dark.
Recon : Grants the character greater understanding of their env
Reveal : Reveals hidden creatures within a room.
Scry : The ancient art of magically spying on a target.
Sense Anger : Allows caster to detect hostility in surrounding rooms.
Sense Danger : Gain knowledge of hidden traps.
Spy : Skill allowing a thief to peek around corners.
True Seeing : Gives the caster the affects of many detection spells.