The Collective Mind Of Tao

You have come to a place free of the concept of time. This is the Collective Mind, a magical place formed from the englightened ideals of Tao so true and strong that it has become a tangible place within the realm. The large spherical dome above you shimmers with the precipitation of thought; it seems to be formed of intricately threaded ideas and mist. Suddenly, it is not a dome at all anymore, but a starry night sky. And then, it changes into a clear blue tapestry with the sun hanging overhead. In the background to the north, you see a cyan river flow alongside a granite path that seems to ponder the very meaning of existence as you step upon it. As your mood shifts, the hues and saturation of this place seem to change accordingly. The followers of Tao move about in the background, so seamless with nature it is as if they flow with the breeze and move with the water.


run 2s3e;open east;run 3eu