The Robes of {CHAoS}

The Three Robes

{CHAoS} is split into three different orders - the Order of the White Robes, the Order of the Grey Robes, and the Order of the Black Robes. The three Orders are the representation of the desirable traits of each of The Three Moons: Lunitari, Solinari, and Nuitari. The three Orders work in tandem for the greater good of the clan, each focusing on different, yet important aspects of the clan. Thus, {CHAoS} is able to focus on different aspects of development concurrently - the mark of a strong, versatile and well-rounded clan.

Do not however assume that you must fit neatly into one of these sects like pegs in a hole. Many of our members operate in two or all three roles quite comfortably.

The Robes

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