The Forest of Li'Dnesh

 Creator: Jehanine & Maarek
 Level Range: 1-10
 Repop Message: A gentle breeze swirls the leaves at your feet.


A grizzled ranger makes his way through the noisy throngs of Aylor, an empty but well-worn pack slung over one of his muscular shoulders. He pauses for a moment's rest on a nearby park bench and is soon approached by some very young adventurers. One wide-eyed and eager youth questions him about his travels with a nervous mumble.

In a booming voice, the ranger answers, "Where do I hail from? Well, lad, if you make your way northwest of here far enough, you'll come across a small, little-known forest. That's my home; a place I first discovered when I was just about your age. I fell in love with its quiet tranquility, the true touch of nature's gift, and over time came to care for the land there and all its inhabitants. I do travel here to the city occassionally to replenish my supplies, though."

The ranger rubbed his wrinkled fingers thoughtfully through his peppered beard, thinking of the growing menace that now inhabited his quiet corner of the world. He wondered to himself if the battle that now waged there would be his last, and if it were, who would carry on after he was gone. His eyes focused back on the youths before him, and he smiled broadly.

"You young scamps should come by and visit me some time. You just may find one day you'll want to call it home, too. If you'll excuse me, I need to gather my supplies and head home."

With that, the ranger wends his way through the crowds towards the general store, leaving a babble of youthful excitement in his wake.


Poaching has reached a ridiculous level in The Forest of Li'Dnesh, and word
is spreading to Aylor. Evidently, the ranger who makes the Forest his home
has asked for some help in putting an end to the problem.

 Goal Difficulty      : Medium
 Goal Recommended at  : 10
 Goal Converter       : Morinon



Runto Lidnesh

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