Kimrs Farm

 Creator: Domain
 Level Range: 1-5
 Repop Message: Weeds spread all over Kimr's Farm. 


Kimr is concerned about the weeds and black ants on his farm. Your quest is to help Kimr clean up his farm by killing fifty weeds and fifty ants. This quest will take some time as you will need to wait for more weeds to grow and for the ants to return to the area each time you clear them. Return to Kimr when you are done.

The once peaceful and vibrant farm has a problem with the local wildlife, particularly the weeds and ants!

Visit the owner, Kimr, to see how you may assist him.

               Level Range         : 1 to 5
               Goal Difficulty     : Easy
               Goal Recommended at : Level 1
               Goal Converter      : Lasher
               Area Author         : Domain


If you head to the far north of the area it will lead you to the Wood Elves of Nalondir. The mobs in the farm are easy, and ideal for those first few levels.

Note: This area replaces the Orchard.


If you complete the goal, you get a decent low level breastplate as a reward!


Runto Farm

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