The Wood Elves Of Nalondir

 Creator: Rundvelt
 Level Range: 5-30
 Repop Message: A loud orcish warcry in the distance shatters the peace of the forest once more...


Despite finding a new home in Aylor begging for coins and subsisting on nothing but blueberry danishes, the halflings have found a new purpose to call their own.

Packing their bags with their meager possessions, they load their well worn carts and slowly travel out of the eastern gate to greener pastures, the secret land of the Wood Elves.

As they head out to a new life, many seem upbeat, a sight that has not been seen since the Shire was free of the hordes of vermin that now plague the fields and forests.

Several pass by, singing praises to their new hosts, the Wood Elves. Said to be recluse and evasive, many of the halflings are puzzled as to why the Wood Elves would extend such an offer.

Common to halflings as booze and good times is rumours. And this whole business of moving has generated many of them.

Some say that the wood elves are only inviting the halflings to aid them in the war against the orcs. A battle in which they are losing. It's said the halflings are going to be brought in as tradespeople, working as tailors, carpenters and even metalworkers.

Most halflings however are quick to discount the rumour and embrace their seemingly good fortune. It's no wonder either, not many would like to see a downside to a good situation.

So, all in all the halflings are all set. They're going to liberate some elven money from very deep pockets, be able to drink themselves silly after a hard day's work, not to mention being able to work in close proximity of elven homes that don't have doors or locks.

Life is good for the halflings.


However, the Elvish King has lost his Royal Staff. It has been passed down from the kings of old, and is the ultimate symbol of authority in the land. The staff is priceless and irreplaceable, and the king is asking all adventurers for help. Can you help him find the staff before the peace between the two races is threatened?

 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : Level 15
 Goal Converter      : Wittle


Area added Oct 17, 2004.


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