Assassinate (Sn: 285) (Skill)

Help Assassinate

Syntax: assassinate <victim>

Highly-skilled Bandits, many who were former Assassins, have mastered their 
training to the point they are able to quickly make their desired target 
completely disappear. After some study, a Bandit can easily dispatch an 
enemy of its life.

A successful assassinate gives full experience for the kill and leaves the
corpse of the target, with all equipment intact.  There are a small number
of powerful and important monsters which are immune to this affect; all 
other monsters, including quest/global quest/campaign targets, are valid 
targets for this skill. Because of the large amounts of energy spent scoping 
out the target, Bandits are limited in how often this skill may be used.
This limit is based upon the thief's Dexterity and Luck.

Skill available only to the Bandit Thief Subclass.

Primary stat: Dexterity.
Affected by : Luck.


 Thief               Level : 155


Message :

You assassinate *** with cold efficiency.

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