When you create, you should have a newbie guide in your inventory (type inv to see). This valuable resource provides locations for things like training guilds, shops in town for food and other services, etc.

To use your guide, simply type read newguide. This will bring up a table of contents, which you can type help <topic> to view (for example type help NewGuide-Stats).

If you happen to lose your guide, there are a few ways to get it back:

  • If you are under level 6, you can get a new guide as part of the basic starting gear. Simply type outfit for a new guide and basic equipment.

  • If you died, your guide will still be on your corpse. Type ownedwhere to find your corpse location. Then recall and runto (check help runto) the area where your corpse is located. Use the newbie channel to ask a Helper for some assistance if your corpse is covered by aggressive mobs.

  • Buy a replacement guide for 1 gold at Bookworm's Haven. If you type find all in The Grand City of Aylor you will get a list of locations in the city that you can runto. This list indicates that you can runto library in order to reach Bookworm's Haven with ease.

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