Questing And Campaigning

When your quest mob is underwater.
Flying over the Rainbow in Fantasy Fields.

Finding our way into Sendhia via Vidblain.
Finding our way into The First Ascent.

How to use a custom exit to enter The Cloud City of Gnomalin.

Can't find your mob? Check your spelling.
Can't find your mob? Perhaps it is sneaking!
Can't find the right mob to satisfy your campaign? Let us talk about mob keys.

Can't find the right mob? Using scan and consider to find the short name of a mob and track it down.

When the runto command gives you a choice.
The Giants' Petstore - Using the area portal to get there quickly.

Aliases - How to set up some simple aliases to make questing easier.


To cp level or not to cp level - the choice is yours.
The runto command and area level locks.

Global Questing

Taking a closer look at global quests and showing you how they work.

Winning a low level global quest - (Part 1/2) - Off to a shaky start.
Winning a low level global quest - (Part 2/2) - A straight run to the finish line.

Navigation within an area

Aardwolf Zoological Park - Looking for our quest mob without the aid of a map.
All in a Fayke Day - How to enter into the area by saying where you want to go.
The Amusement Park - Buying a ticket and taking a ride.

Chessboard - Using the Hunt Trick to track down our campaign mob.

The Gauntlet - Learning to navigate mazes - (Part 1/2).
The Gauntlet - Learning to navigate mazes - (Part 2/2).

Imperial City of Reme - Being disarmed by an agressive mob while trying to find the quest mob.
The Kindgom of Ahner - Navigating our way through hidden and locked doors.
Necromancers Guild - How to advance further into the area via the zombie in the graveyard.

Sho'aram, Castle in the Sand - Escaping the storm and entering the castle itself.
Siren's Oasis Resort - Using an in-room portal to explore.

Quest Rewards

Quest Complete - Receiving bonus practice and training sessions.

Utilising the Aardwiki

Call of Heroes - Friend, Foe or Fun?
Fantasy Fields - Looking for candy in the candy bag.
Fantasy Fields - Discovering lost rooms with the help of a map.

The Fractured Lands - Entering the area through one of the jewelled portals.
Hatchling Aerie - Using the Aardwiki to find a map.
Keep of the Kobaloi - Looking for a quest mob in the ponds.

Kerofk - Looking for Mouserider's Temple.
Land of Legend - Exploring with the help of the Aardwiki.

Realm of the Zodiac - Based on the Star Signs, we use the Aardwiki to find out how to navigate this area.
The Underdark, an area with almost 500 rooms. Using the Aardwiki to help with our search.
The Woodelves of Nalondir - Finding a key to a locked door with the help of the wiki.

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