Name: Wolfe
Wolfe is a longstanding player on Aardwolf, whose date of birth is unclear, as records only stretch back as far as 2001. He usually claims to have been around since about six months after the MUD opened, roughly after 'the reboot where mobs were introduced'.


4004 BCE - 1972CE: A quiet time for Wolfe fans.

1972 CE: Wolfe born in Doncaster, England. It is said that a star fell to Earth on that night, and that princes died. Geese walked backwards.

~1982 CE: Wolfe distinctly remembers seeing a poster in the school library for MUD, the first Multi User Dungeon. Sadly, given the cost of UK local calls (Approximately Eleventy-million pounds per minute in today's money), this fascinating concept passes him by.

1995 CE: Now in Derby for reasons best left unclear, Wolfe discovers the joys of dialup internet. Within a month, he's fooling around on a social MUSH based around The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

1997 CE: Wolfe discovers Aardwolf, and a legend is born, although the name 'Wolfe' is not coined for some months. Various cringeworthy names are tried, which are best left buried in the past. A brief stint in Crusader marks his first entry into a clan.

1998 CE: Wolfe created 'proper'. Eventually joins Pyre, after much encouragement from Stormysky as to how wonderful a clan it is. Stormysky is nuked roughly three days after he joins. Wolfe's first application as helper is accepted around this time.

2001 CE: After a brief period of outcasting from Pyre to show solidarity in various squabbles, then rejoining, then finally reoutcasting, Wolfe applies to be an Imm. To his surprise, they accept. Many games of Trivia were held in the following months.

2002 CE: Wolfe steps down from Immhood after roughly a year, citing various reasons, none of which included his falling in love with his MUDspouse, Kittenbane. No, really. It was purely a complete coincidence all this happened on the same day. A brief stint in Bard follows shortly afterwards.

2003 CE: Following the mild success of the Gaardian, a website parodying the MUD in much the way The Onion(approve sites) parodies real life, Wolfe puts a charter in for this to become one of the new clans. Again to his surprise, this actually happens. Delays in getting issues out begin immediately.

2005 CE: The Wilderness Years - Due to offline commitments, mostly involving arranging emigration to the US, and a lack of online connection, Wolfe vanishes more or less completely off the map.

2008 CE: Wolfe returns full time in a huge blaze of no publicity whatsoever, and rejoins the Helpers. Shockingly, he still appears to be a clan leader.


Wolfe married Kittenbane on Dec 4th, 2007, in Mike Duffy's Bar and Grill, Kirkwood MO. After six years of immigration paperwork, this came as something of a relief.

Wolfe is 6'5" and about 250lbs, and bears a vague resemblance to a supersized Eddie Izzard, though sans makeup and dresses.

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