Tabiya first started playing Aardwolf in June 1997 under the name Chantal. She was in Dragon, Imperium and finally Shadokil before getting bitten by the Everquest bug for a time at some point in 2000. Coming back a while later as a V1 girl in a V2 world proved difficult, so Chantal was deleted after a bit of a struggle.

She restarted fresh as Tabiya in April 2002 and hasn't looked back since. After several years outside the clan system, Tabiya joined Touchstone, serving for a while as a leader. When the lure of PK and raiding grabbed her attention again, she left and later 'Hook'ed up with the infamous Pirates of the Aardibbean...err, joined Hook. Tabiya at some point managed to inflict her boyfriend and mud-spouse Rau (affectionately known as Raubot) upon the world of Aardwolf a year and a half later. In retaliation, he dragged her off to live in Alexandria, Virginia, where the pair live in relative peace and harmony (at least, as long as Rau lets Tabiya win gquests against him now and then) with their five-year-old daughter.