The Waking of a Destiny

The earth's year was 1997. The month was June. Aardwolf had barely been around for long when Starphoenix was born. Introduced by a player long-forgotten to the ravages of time, he took to the unusual concept of MUD. His early years were painful, both for himself and the MUD at large. Starphoenix survived numerous re-creations, self-deletions, and is rumored to be the source of Lasher's gray hairs and constant stomach aches for the legendary Claire.

His career is now the stuff of legends. Having taken over 5 years to traverse a single mort (in which time Aardwolf when from V1 to V2 and a slight remake of V2), he has been known as one of the worst levellers in history. Currently, he is the ONLY player to have gained a level and die and lose 65,000 exp as a result (a bug which baffles code-mongers to this day).

But his most notorious achievement (for better and for worse) is his creation of the BattleCard game. Originally created as a game project for the Bard clan in 2000 (or was it 2001?), BattleCard is currently the oldest and longest-running (albeit, not continually) player-run game on the mud. It is certainly the most complex, as the players of the game can tell you.

Buried between his BattleCard game and his utter lack of levelling skills is a person that is somewhat shrouded in mystery despite being a part of the mud for what will be 15 years. He is quietly helpful at times, very warped, and a good deal evil. Not to mention he'll say what he wants and run over your emotions. But as his brother Starky has said, "Better to be his friend than his enemy. At least he shows friends mercy on rare occassions."

Unbeknownest to most new players is that Starphoenix will be responsible for the future undoing of the mud. It is greatly feared by veteran players at-large that his reaching the pinnacle of Tier 0 will disembowel the very MUD, and the Imms struggle to find a way to prevent this. Fortunately, at his current rate of gaining levels, it will probably take another 10 years for him to reach Tier 0...but you never know.

Profiles of a Mythical Legend and Seed of the Apocalypse

Sometime between the years of 2005 through 2010, Starphoenix learned how to level. Effectively. Well, at least effectively enough to remort about once every 18 months. In the year of 2011, a shockwave of fear shot through all of Aardwolf. Starphoenix finally reach Level 200, Tier 0, 7-class Remort. But the forces were strong enough to repel him from reaching Level 201 for some months. Now the mud sits with baited breath and apocalypse rations at the ready... fearing the day will finally come when he will become Tier. Lasher and the rest of the Imm team has done their best, having had all these many years to prepare. Now the test will come... and either it will be LEGEND or APOCALYPSE.

More to come assuming the MUD survives...