Sarlock started playing on Aardwolf in early -98 as his first mud. It was recommended by a friend of his and he enjoyed it incredibly from the start. Since then he's been here on and off and had the pleasure of getting to know alot of good friends.

Sarlock was born in -78, figure out his age, and he works as a System Administrator for a hostpital, dealing with their UNIX servers. He also does a bit of programming in his spare time, including some developing for Aardwolf mud. He resides in the cold northern parts of Sweden, enjoys fishing and steaming hot saunabaths. :)

Sarlock was an Immortal of Aardwolf between late 2002 and late 2005. He stepped down due to lack of time.

Sarlocks work on Aardwolf as an Immortal includes;

The ordinary immortal duties, and more codewise,

  • Blackjack
  • Additions to the board/notes system.
  • Additions to the loot options.
  • Fully working mccp v1/v2 negotiation.
  • A bunch of immortal-only commands.

and more.