• Will slay all grues on sight.
  • Has a special hatred of the Labyrinth Queen.
  • Has a personal vendetta against Damian.

  • Enjoys all manners of geekery:
    • MUDs.
    • Unix, Linux.
    • Winblows.
    • Pondering the migration habits of coconuts.

Remember folks, if it is pitch dark, be sure to have a torch.

These are the prompts that I use. Though, these are a work in progress:
Game Prompt:
@g[%e] @y(%g) @g%q@wqt @r%d%c@w[@c%h@w/@c%H@whp @c%m@w/@c%M@wmn @c%v@w/@c%V@wmv]>%c

Battle Prompt:
@w[@c%h@w/@c%H@whp @c%m@w/@c%M@wmn @c%v@w/@c%V@wmv] >%c@w[@cYou: %p %b@w]@g%q@wqt@r%d@w>%c