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The woman watches from amongst the gumtrees, her long brown hair and khaki eyes blending in with her surrounds. The smell of eucalyptus floats through the air as the leaves sigh in the warm, gentle breeze that floats along.

She can feel the strength of the ocean from all around her, the harshness of the centre desert, the beauty of the rainforests and the energy from the cities.

She loves the land of her birth and feels great pride in herself. She places her hand on her sword and slowly turns to follow her path

Ecla is proudly Australian and has been playing Aard since July 2003 - her first, last and only Mud. She joined Watchmen in January 2004, was elected Leader a year later. She left briefly to try her hand as an Imm but found it didn't suit her and returned to her beloved Watchmen and is still there, very happily.

She is very quiet on public channels so won't see see her chatting away much.