Dirtworm began playing Aardwolf in early 1997, just a couple of months after the mud opened. It wasn't long before he was admitted to The Order of Shadokil. Shadokil was a very secretive group in its early days. Eventually proving himself, Dirtworm found himself as a leader of these hidden assassins.

After a few years, he decided to try something different and set out to try his hand with The Children of Ba'alzamon. This was a very short stay as he knew it could never provide the home he knew in Shadokil. After rejoining Shadokil, Dirtworm was again chosen to lead the clan he was used to calling home.

Again after some period of time, Dirtworm decided to try his hand at plundering aboard the ships of The HooK Clan. After a few months aboard the ship, he was presented with the opportunity of immortality. Having succeeded in all his previous trials and quests, it seemed like the most logical next step.

Serving the only mud he had ever known as a part of the admin team was very fulfilling for Dirtworm. After only a year, however, he thought there were changes that needed to take place before he could be an effective member of the staff. Until this time presented itself, Dirtworm left the admin team and rejoined the band of assassins he began his career with. Again serving as a leader of Shadokil, he knew that his career was not yet over.....

So, in January 2006 - almost 9 years after he began his career on Aardwolf, Dirtworm has once again ascended to become a member of the admin team. You can often find him visible and always willing to help. He is most actively involved with developing raiding/defending/pvp, hosting poker matches, administering the AardScrabble game, and performing clan/manor upgrades.

Areas built: Black Lagoon and The Three Pillars of Diatz