Chuft first began seriously playing aardwolf at the end of 2002, around a year after v2. He has a long history as both a player and an immortal of various other muds on the net, most notably avatar MUD (player) and Kingdom of ravenlocks(goferimm). After his, ah..disagreement with the staff of avatar MUD, he quit playing muds entirely for a year ulti being harassed into creating a character on aardwolf.

after a brief stint in doh as a newbie to familiarise himself with the aardwolf clan system, he joined the emerald knights, where he stayed until april 2005. After many fundamental disagreements with the then emerald leadership over how the clan was to be run, he left with some friends and joined Imperium.

Shortly after joining imperium, he helped mastermind a coup d'main using the rule that 2/3rds of the members of a clan can have a leader removed in an immortal run vote, thus transferring control of the clan to the faction who joined in April '05.

Since then he has been a member of the Imperium leader team, head of the dro'bher and provisional head of the Zxanguard families, and Imperium has grown greatly in strength and influence during this time.