About me : I started mudding in 1998. I've been part of many clans, leader of Amazon, Seekers and Gaardian, and found my home in Crimson after a long time (visit website(approve sites)). I've reached t9 a few years ago, and specialized in enchanting business. I now run my own website, with lots of equi-related stuff, feel free to contact me at any time if you need gear !

Aard services : I'm offering an enchant service for open gear, with various options. Basic costs are :

* 250K+expenses per piece for open gear max-enchanted (250K flat for level 1 pieces)
* 150K+expenses per piece for max-dr+some stats or max stats+some hr or dr (150K flat for level 1 pieces)
* 75K on auction for pieces listend on
* 1 trivia point for a full open gear maxed SN set

Customers get 10% discount, permanently, after 10 items purchased. This applies on the 1st order if it's more than 10 pieces. People referring me someone who buys at least one maxed piece gets 100K gold !

Other items for sale :

* Raided, overmaxed and rare pieces:

Helperhood : Visit : my helper page

Have fun on Aard, and if you need anything, don't hesitate to contact me !

Lil Alhena