Questor is located <run 8s> from recall (or runto quest). He is the invincible mysterious mobile that assigns quests to players, and rewards them with quest points, which can be used to purchase special Quest Items from him.

There are many duplicate questors found throughout the MUD in player manors, at the aardhotel, and clanhalls, but all questors are created equal. They all give the same range of quest points based on the same mathematical formula.

Clan Questors

(as of 26/2/09 -- Clan locations may move without notice.)

ClanDirections from RecallQuestor
Gaardian4swA harried receptionist
Seekers8sunEurystheus, King of Mycenae
Watchmen6suAarianna's Shade
Bard2w2uThe Statue of Calliope
Masaki2s4eseThe Spirit of Yashama
Crimson13s2w2swa menacing warlord
Tao22sunThe Eye of Balance
Light22sdKamehameha the Great
ChaossuMagic from a chaos guard
Shadokil?a Guardian of the Shadows
Dragons4dElder Dragon
Touchstone13s5endedThe Cave Mistress
Hook?The Chief Pimp
Druid13s4e5s2uCuChulain, Defender of Anglessey
Retri?The Vengeful Wrath of Taboo
Perdition6sds2eYour conscience