While traveling through the planes of existence, the world picked up three moons, which are now in orbit. These moons have magical powers, and when they are visible, they will add their powers to spells being cast. The black moon will aid evil players, the white moon, good-aligned players, and the gray moon, neutral players. When all three moons are in the sky, magic is especially potent; however, since all three moons have different rotation cycles, don't expect this to happen often.

The 'weather' command may be used (while outdoors) to check if/what moons are currently in the sky. The 'noweather' command toggles moon rising and setting messages off and on.

Moon cycles     (Back to top)

  • White moon
UpTime : 17 ticks
DownTime : 48 ticks
  • Grey moon
UpTime : 8 ticks
DownTime : 22 ticks
  • Black moon
UpTime : 13 ticks
DownTime : 37 ticks

Spells & skills affected by moons     (Back to top)

  • Enchant spells : All enchant spells are affected by the moons. The increase in chances to hit lucky stats is low when the moon of the caster's alignment is up, and a little higher when the three moons are up. Check the article about enchanting gear.
  • Power projection (Evoker subclass) : When the three moons are up, the combat spells of the Evoker will get an additional free hit if Power Projection is running.
  • Gaia's Revenge (any Ranger subclass) : When the three moons are up, Gaia's Revenge will deal more damage to the ranger's opponent.

Other informations     (Back to top)

  • MoonScript for Zmud : You can find a reliable moons prediction script for ZMud on the Crimson clan website(approve sites)
  • MoonScript for Tinyfugue on Abelinc's tf script website(approve sites)